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About Alexandra

Alexandra Lukaschewitz is a Munich based paper artist, illustrator and maker of all things weird and wonderful.

Growing up in the Bavarian Alps she has developed a deep love for nature and all its creatures. At the same time she is a geek who is deeply into monsters, super heroes and pin-ups. The influence of those two different worlds reflects in her themes and characters.

Antique book stores, old-fashioned museums and flea markets are where she finds inspiration and materials for her artworks. She creates intricate hand-crafted designs including costumes for fashion displays and set-design as well as objects and paper taxidermy for private collectors. Whilst her true love is paper she doesn’t mind the occasional excursion into other materials like fabric, wood or concrete.

Alexandra is the co-founder and curator of Dog & Pony – a personal wunderkammer and pop-up gallery space.